Saturday, July 6, 2013

yes, we are alive. thank you for asking.

Okay, so this is going to be part rambling, part update, part picture post. . . .and the rambling has begun.
Some updates--
 Lucy: turned 5, graduated preschool, became quite mature and fun.

Grant: turned 3, got his head glued shut from a fall, is stinkin' cute and a holy terror within a 5 minute span

Millie: turned 1, is an adorable baby and a wonderful #3

There is virtually so much to say, but I am left without adequate words to express how I am feeling.  I never thought I could imagine what I am doing: working full time at a difficult job, in home, with co-workers (one being my husband), and managing 10-13 other lives, while still being a functional mother. Honestly, my life has been challenging.  Each day I work, at the end of my day I am exhausted, and then have to decide if I should devote my remaining minutes and energies on cleaning the house, finishing work responsibilities, church calling, paying the bills, or attend to my dear husband.  As you can imagine, I get overwhelmed a lot.
Now saying that, I have to honestly say that there are times that I have never felt so blessed.  I think of the circumstance that led to this point and KNOW that we are supposed to be here now.  The Lord provided the way, and paved it with compassion and opportunities that were outside my comprehension as to how they would bless myself and my family.
So that's it, I guess.  Sometimes you have to see the left and the right to really appreciate where you are in the middle.  And that's where we are. . stuck in the middle, and loving it.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Another Step

Last month we closed on our house in Lehi, which meant. . . signing all those papers with dozens of paragraphs, that you just hope are legitimate but don't really have the interest in reading, especially while sitting at a fancy glass table in the attorney's office while your kids watch Netflix on your phone and drip sucker juice on said fancy glass table.
This was truly a great thing, a miraculous thing for many reasons.  We know that financially it is going to affect us a bit, but I feel so grateful that we no longer need to pay attention to a vacant home that is many miles away.  We were truly blessed that we were able to sell it under all the various conditions.  Nonetheless, I still felt a bit of remorse over it all.  I was reminded of a beautiful post that my friend Sara had made months ago, who lived the same scene we had.  When I read it, it was like she was speaking from my mind, so I wanted to share my version of her post. .

Because that home was:

  • the first place that was 100% Royal + Me
  • where we brought home 2 beautiful babies
  • where I had a kitchen window to watch my kids outside while I did dishes. . .I always wanted a kitchen window
  • Where I learned how to be a mom
  • where I could go outside and have dozens of friends to play with, and parks just out my door, and moms to chat with, and places for family walks
  • Where we decided on what to invest into, and what not to. . since it was OUR home
  • where I got to decorate, or at least attempt to
  • That had the greatest little window seat that my kids were in at least 10 times a day
  • where we would walk to church every week, no matter the weather  (except that one day it was SUPER icy)
  • where we would sit on the porch and watch cars go by, or eat popsicles, or watch the rain race down the middle of the road
  • where our home evolved from camp chairs and leftover seminary couches, to a (donated) matching couch set
  • Where we had our little salsa garden, and got to share our "harvest" with our friends
  • where we had 4 Christmases, Lucy and Grant's firsts
  • where I had the world's best pantry. . I don't know if I will ever find a better pantry
  • Where we served in church callings, and hosted dozens of meetings
  • Where we grew and grew as a family. . and learned how to be a family

The day we closed, we had one last item to attend to, and I realized that every time we had been before I was always reminiscent.  But that day, I knew I was ready to leave because as we walked out, it was no longer "our" house.  At that time, it was just walls and rooms and carpet.  I had decided to take the memories with me.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Ch-ch-ch changes!

They say that change is a good thing. I know that is true, and I usually welcome change, but there must be some kind of quota on how much change is tolerable.  Here are the changes in our world:

Our old House:
So way back in January we felt impressed to put our house on the market with no defined plan.  It turned out the Lord was helping prepare us for our new adventure (see below.)  One of my biggest concerns, however,  with the "wing and a prayer" plan, was that I was concerned we would have to move, right when the baby was to be born (see below, below.)

Our New Job:
Royal and I accepted a job working for a girls school in Erda (where?), which is north of Tooele.  We have become house parents for 10 teenage girls in a beautiful home, and helping them make it in this world.  It was a long, prayerful decision, but we ultimately felt guided to it, as it has been the answer to many of our other prayers.  We moved in on June 16th, and started work 2 days later.

Our New Girl:
After working for a whole week, our sweet baby girl, Millie, was born 2 1/2 weeks early.  She came home to a house of sick family members and disorganized boxes.  Gratefully, she is practically the best baby in the whole world (did I mention she is already sleeping 6+ hours each night?) and has made the transition so much easier.  And in case no one has told you yet. . .3 is hard!  As a mom, I feel needed in 3 different ways by 3 different kiddos.

It has taken me a while to balance the job/kids/baby/mixed up schedule, but there are parts that are getting easier.   I will check in with ya'll as the months go by, but just wanted to share what's been happening in our world.  And I am hoping we don't get any more big changes for a while.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Three Cheers for #3!

Just wanted to post a quick update of our day. After yesterday's false alarm (which has never happened to me before . . :)  that involved a 1 hour to and from drive to the doctors, this morning I was awakened by a boom, gush with my water breaking.  4 and a half hours later in came this little beauty to the world. . .

Welcome Millie!

Born 6/27/12    8:25AM   5 lbs 13 oz and 18 in. long at 37 1/2 weeks

Oh, by the way, I will fill in all the details of our new house, our move, our new job, as well as the new baby sometime in the future.  I just need a moment to breathe.  This little girl in the meantime is taking our breath away and I am loving it.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Oh,. . . why hello sunny weather!

I hope I am not casting a curse upon this beautiful weather, after all this is Utah and we might get a dump of snow next week. . but we were more than happy to get out in an inaugural water day for the kiddos and moms.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

" I won't do it again. . . "

DAY 1: Scissors

DAY 2: Expo Marker  (or as she and her friend call them. . "pretend makeup")

Perhaps I need to increase my supervision of this sweet child.

Lessons learned from sick kids

The other day my friend Cami spouted some words of wisdom.  She didn't want her kids to think back about how their mom always stuck to healthy guidelines, instead she wanted to be remembered for being cool because every once in a while, they got a Zinger before lunch.
When Grant got a bit of the sickies, it made me think about this and reflect on my life and children. So here is what I have learned from my sick kids:

*I'm glad that I DO monitor their TV viewing on regular days, so when you are stuck on the couch, you can blow that whole ratio out of the water

*Although it's tough to see a very active toddler come to a halt, I selfishly enjoy the snuggling when he melts into me, even while making dinner.

*I am so grateful that I don't have to call in to work and negotiate some accommodations when my kids need me.  Thank you, Royal.

*I learned that my whole detailed To-Do list is completely forgotten, and the Things that Matter Most come through.

*I learned that my 4 year old can stop the fighting and kicking and show compassion for her little brother.

Sometimes I think I learn the most in the times I least expect it.